6 Best Software For Mass emailing (e-mails)

In 2016, nearly 77% of Spanish companies used email marketing as a priority marketing tool. These data from the 2 e survey on “marketing and sales tools and use of CRM software in Spanish companies in 2016” ( Las herramientas Marketing & Ventas y el uso del software CRM las empresas españolas in 2016 ) highlight the interest of choosing a software for the mass sending of e-mails .

This study also presents a classification of the budgets allocated by brands to their marketing actions. The data indicate that each month, with respect to digital marketing campaigns:

  • A little more than 38% of brands devote up to 500 euros
  • 17.2% spend between 500 and 1,000 euros
  • A little over 16% invest between 500 and 1,000 euros
  • Only 5% allocate between 5,000 and 10,000 euros

We present below an analysis of 6 software for mass mailing of some of the best known e-mails on the market. The success of your e-mailing strategies will largely depend on the choice you make.

  1. MDirector:

MDirector is more than just a mass mailing software: it’s the delivery specialist . Its expert team of targeted professionals has been helping companies for more than 10 years to communicate with their customers via e-mail. They will help you plan your e-mail communication strategy from A to Z so that your mailings always land in the inbox.

MDirector is the first and only cross-channel communication tool that allows:

  1. Communicate via email and SMS marketing  
  1. Collect records to optimize your campaigns on Google Adwords , Facebook Ads , email marketing and display. Retargeting with the editor drag and drop (drag and drop) to create landing pages of Landing Optimizer (optimizing the home page)
  1. Add a cookie to each registry in your database for retargeting

MDirector also offers you unusual services. That’s why this email bulk mailing software stands out. Here is an overview of these services:

Campaign Optimizer with A / B Tests . It makes it much easier for you to see what creativity or object works best. Automatically, MDirector will prioritize the best option and send it to the rest of the campaign’s subscribers

Automatic shipments to simplify your life . With the application “  auto-responder  ” of our application, easily program autoresponders (e-mails sent automatically). You can send various messages to potential customers at the desired frequency. For example :

  • Sequences of e-mails according to a register
  • E-mails to wish a birthday
  • Purchase confirmation messages
  • Welcome emails to new subscribers
  • Double confirmation emails
  1. Synchronization of your CRM thanks to the API for sending e-mail . This allows you to get the most out of multichannel marketing with simple integrations. MDirector is already integrated with platforms like Salesforce, SugarCRM, Salesnexus, Netsuite, Maximizer CRM or Microsoft Dynamics. You can do the integration yourself or entrust it to MDirector’s developer team.

Create a subscription form . 3 possibilities are available:

  • If you already have a form on your site, you can add a few lines of code so that your form and all your subscriptions are automatically saved to MDirector . You can also do this through the API in case you want to synchronize your data as part of the internal process.
  • If you do not have a form, you can create a simple form using the MDirector registration form generator . Once the form is created, you put a link on your site that directs to MDirector where the registration form is located, and invite potential customers and users to register.
  • The best solution is to use Landing Optimizer , a landing page generator to create effective registration forms.

2.- Digitaleo

Digitaleo has a software for mass mailing that requires no installation or commitment on the duration or the volume of sending of your campaigns. Only the actual consumption of each channel used is charged. Among the qualities advanced by Digitaleo and which they believe push to choose their email bulk service:

  • Real time evaluations . For an immediate analysis of your campaigns
  • Continuous improvement with the addition of new features
  • Personalized advice 
  • Automatic backup copies that customers can access when needed
  • Taking account of the data protection rules  : links to the e-mail and SMS unsubscribe management, configuration of the days and times of sending

3. Mailpro

Mailpro is another software for mass mailing. It is an e-mailing platform belonging to the Swiss company Saasco.

Mailpro has identified the following ten reasons why it is necessary to choose a service for sending bulk e-mails  :

Transparent routing and delivery of e-mails from Geneva-based infrastructures

  • Accurate and comprehensive statistics to evaluate the success of your campaigns
  • Embedded graphics editor
  • Wide selection of newsletters
  • Automatic reply and automatic emails
  • Ease of use. Free trial available
  • Free telephone assistance from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm
  • Software solution, a service that requires no installation
  • Technological and legal development
  • Compensation of the CO 2 emitted by each e-mail thanks to the Green Emailing function

4.- Mailchimp

Mailchimp is perhaps the most popular e-mail sending software on the market. However it is very insufficient for certain specific audiences: the platform and the customer service are exclusively in English language .

This software for mass emailing, however, has already standard features . The e-mailing platform distinguishes notably:

Drag & drop design to easily create e-mail marketing campaigns;

Sharp analytical data to direct your campaigns and develop your business. Mailchimp offers you its personal metrics which it optimizes with the data of Google Analytics;

Liaison with the main social networks;

Automating. Tools for creating series of segmented emails that send each other differently depending on user behavior.

5.- Sendblaster

Sendblaster is a  software for mass mailing of e-mails requiring a prior download. However, it combines the download with a web service and allows:

  1. Create newsletters and manage lists from your desktop;
  1. Track online to create reports and improve your email marketing campaigns.

We distinguish among the features of this software for mass emailing:

Template Editor . Simply choose the message structure, add the header, footer or side columns, select the colors and edits of your choice.

“Source modification only” mode . Experienced HTML designers can avoid the visual editor to keep total control of the source code;

New models proposed . 150 models in total in this software for mass mailing. 230 with the PRO version;

Edit images on the spot . The visual editor is equipped with an on-camera camera to apply filters and effects to images in an instant;

Custom attachments , to send an appropriate attachment to each recipient using programmable labels;

Integration with the newsletter editor MailStyler which has a drag and drop function.

6. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another software for mass emailing for which no download or installation is required. However, it is only available in English . However, the makers of this software boast very good ratings TrustPilot ranking, which measures the confidence from the opinions of users .

The main features of this platform are:

  • It has customizable templates;
  • You can send the appropriate e-mail at the right time, thanks to the tools to welcome you or a birthday in a personalized way;
  • Automation of mailings so that subscribers of different lists receive them;
  • Easy download of e-mail lists from Excel, Gmail and Outlook;
  • Automatic management of unsubscriptions, bounces and inactive mail accounts;
  • Real time statistics.

In addition, Constant Contact e-mail software can be enhanced with the Plus features, which link e-mailing to live events, coupons or surveys , among other things.