Best Android Games

The end of 2018 is now in the news and it’s time to take a quick look at Android mobile games releases. Those who have probably surprised you the most, most amused, and you may even be able to take the opportunity to earn money. Thus, we will review six great classics that marked this year 2018, the first three in a paying register, then the next three accessible in free-to-play . For the latter, it’s a small bonus, and a big BIG surprise, since it is only an Early Access , and the final version will be fully active in 2019. In short, there is only good!

Best Paid Android Games in 2018

To enjoy a good game on Android, the best way is still to pay. But in this case, it is always better to know what to expect. It would be a shame to remain disappointed after a bad surprise. The games we present are known and well-known, but keep in mind that the player has to pay to play and that they are not accessible mobile games like Slotomania where you can play on mobile casinos and on PCs . However, we believe that these games are more rewarding in terms of engagement, history and overall experience for all ages.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Our series certainly begins with Final Fantasy XV. While this title was a real event on consoles as PC, the franchise of Square Enix finally invited on Android. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is a real nugget. The gameplay, the fighting, the scenario, the graphics or the solo explorations, in this huge world of Eos, could only be appreciated by mobile players. And while Andromeda’s foldable screen will make for a better gaming experience on our smartphones, fans of the Final Fantasy series will be delighted.

Legend Of Solgard

This creation of the King Studios is undoubtedly the MMORPG of the year on Android. It is a beautiful invitation to join the fight in the Far North that we accepted with immense joy. This title does not suffer from any defect, the gameplay may recall a certain DOTA 2, you can choose your class here, conduct quests solo or cooperation, found your guild and experience the great world that awaits you. It’s time to build your army on Legend Of Solgard, discover the many scenarios that will come your way, and have endless fun.

This game will be a good appetizer before a mastodon of greater scope will take over in early 2019. This is of course The Elder Scrolls: Blades. So get ready before you experience the biggest visual slap and experience of your life on Android in the MMORPG registry. Players can already enjoy a first trailer announcing a success in the making.