Ice Cream Maker


The operating principle of ice cream makers is extremely simple. Just pour the preparation of your choice into the tank of the device that generates the cold. We close the lid and start a small motor that rotates a blade to the ice setting of the mixture. With some models, there is no need even to monitor the preparation: the device stops automatically as soon as it has reached the optimum consistency. Half an hour is usually sufficient to obtain one liter of ice from 600 ml of the initial mixture.


Two major families of devices, the cold accumulating ice cream makers and independent ice cream makers , also called ice turbines , share the market. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing one or the other, you must think carefully about your consumption habits, the frequency of ice cream manufacturing and the budget you want to devote to it.

Ice cream maker

Cold storage ice cream makers . Rather cheap (we find from 30 €) ice cream makers keep the cold but can not produce it. The tank must be placed in a freezer beforehand for 10 or 15 hours. Your desire for ice must be programmed in advance: improvident abstain! Another black spot: it is not possible to chain the manufacture of several ice creams of different flavors, except to wait several hours that the tank is operational again. Finally, you must pay attention to the dimensions of the tank and ensure that it can enter without problem in your freezer.

Ice turbines

Ice turbines. These devices are similar to those used by professionals. They offer a lot more flexibility because they have a cooling unit and produce cold on demand. Ice turbines can be used at any time and chain the manufacture of several ice creams of different flavors. But these benefits are expensive. It takes from 150 to 600 € depending on the brand and the capacity of the device. Another disadvantage: they are heavy (up to 15 kg) and bulky. They will have to stay permanently on the work plan.


The price  : from 30 to 600 €, the prices of ice cream makers are the big difference. Ice turbines are on average 5 to 7 times more expensive than cold storage ice cream makers. They must therefore be used very often to make the investment profitable.

The cooling time of the cold accumulator  : the ice turbine saves a considerable amount of time since it makes ice-cream on demand. The ice cream maker needs to plan ice making in advance (10 to 15 hours).

The capacity of the tank  : depending on the model, it varies from 1 to 1.6 liters. Again, it all depends on your consumption habits and the number of guests. One liter of ice is usually provided for 4 to 6 guests. A half-liter will be enough if the ice cream is accompanied by fruit or meringue, cream and other biscuits.

Clutter  : Before any purchase, check whether you have enough space to store the appliance in your freezer for the ice cream maker or on the worktop (or in a closet) for the ice cream maker.