Inbound Marketing: The Ultimate Marketing Strategy For Web 2.0

Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing: Definitions and Concepts:

The inbound marketing stands out from the marketing outbound . Words impressive enough to define two fairly simple concepts:

  • In accordance with traditional marketing practices, outbound marketing wants to challenge the customer and solicit him regardless of the situation in which he finds himself.

Outbound marketing often involves mass marketing (advertisers invest their resources in a large-scale dissemination of their print, TV or radio campaigns). It is often intrusive , and usually rather expensive . It is also a one- way marketing strategy : communication is done vertically, from the company to the consumer, with little feedback .

  • The inbound marketing is a new marketing technology, which aims to attract customers to the advertiser . The idea is to get him to meet him, rather than provoking him by looking for him – often in an authoritarian and untimely way – as outbound marketing does.

The inbound marketing strategy is characterized by two-way communication, in which the company communicates to the consumer and vice versa. It involves significant feedback, a viral dimension (to learn more: viral marketing ) difficult to circumvent, and a cost significantly less expensive than traditional techniques.

Inbound marketing can be translated into French as ”  attraction marketing ” or ” incoming marketing ” as opposed to ”  outgoing marketing “: outbound marketing.

Why use Inbound Marketing?

This new marketing technique takes into account the evolution of consumer behavior , namely that they avoid as much as possible the confrontation with the advertising messages that constantly solicit them, by any means and on any medium.

A study from Mashable US reveals alarming numbers regarding the effects of outbound marketing on consumers:

  • 84% of people between the ages of 25 and 34 have already left a website because of an advertisement they considered to be untimely or intrusive.
  • 86% of viewers zap at the time of advertising.
  • 200 million Americans have been red listed for not being contacted by advertisers on their mobile phones.

On the other hand, if they avoid as much as possible aggressive and cumbersome advertisements, they are also, at the time of web 2.0, social media and blogging, better armed in their pre-purchase research . This is where inbound marketing comes in: the advertiser does not want to phish the customer, but it makes sure that the customer falls on him, at the bend of a link cleverly placed on a web page.

How to do inbound marketing?

Succeed in being spotted:

  • Have a quality content , calibrated for the comfort of reading users and for SEO SEO
  • Regularly feed your support with new content : search engines appreciate novelty and updates
  • Use the existing social networks palette to increase your visibility, relegate your new content and create a community around the company.

Turn visitors-visitors into actual customers:

  • For that, it is necessary to leave a margin of maneuver to the customer so that it can leave a trace on your site. You have to give them the opportunity to express themselves and be reactive to interact with them. For this, social networks are obviously the best lever of interaction , but it also works with the establishment of a  white paper , the construction of a newsletter etc.
  • To keep the attention of your now ex-visitor and new customer, it is important to put tools in place to facilitate access or knowledge to your products or services. The establishment of a call number or a live mailing service will be much appreciated: consumers like to know that they can have a contact affiliated with the company live and available to guide them. (This is also called Lead Nurturing )

The good points of Inbound marketing:

  • Win time
  • Being in touch with the potential customer, staying tuned : being able to adapt
  • Improve conversion rates (as it says in business jargon)
  • Setting up a web and digital strategy that will increase the performance of your box.