Need a Personal Assistant?

In the life of any company (no matter how small), some recurring tasks can be considered time-consuming and thus prevent focusing on the core business of the company. Hiring a personal assistant to perform them can be a solution. But it’s still very expensive in terms of charges. Today, it is much more profitable to use an offshore company to outsource these tasks. This partner will provide you with a virtual assistant to which you can outsource various tasks and optimize your business and focus on essential tasks.

A virtual assistant:

It is not possible to list all the tasks that can be assigned to remote assistants. They are really multiple. Nevertheless, here are some examples of very simple tasks to outsource via outsourcing:

Administrative tasks:

A virtual assistant can take care of all the administrative part of a job and thus relieve your employees or yourself. He can thus manage all the mails, update the schedules of the members of your team, make the appointments, carry out the administrative procedures of the company, etc. It’s actually a personal secretary. In addition, all these tasks can be done remotely without any difficulty thanks to new technologies.


Holding an online shop is a very demanding activity that requires the realization of recurring and time-consuming tasks such as entering product sheets, updating the catalog, processing mails, etc. A personal assistant can do it for you and allow you to devote your time to your main activity. It can also support all customer support (phone, mail and mail). Finally, if he has knowledge of SEO, he can also work on SEO and site optimization. Again, all these missions can be done remotely.

Recruitment firms:

The management of a recruitment agency is also punctuated by the execution of repetitive and long tasks. These include the capture of CVs in accordance with the standard templates used within the firm, the update of these following the calls or mails of the candidates, the management of user accounts on recruitment platforms, the management of the agendas team, etc. The outsourcing of these different missions optimizes the organization of work within the firm.

The benefits of working with a remote assistant:

3d Support phone operator in headset rendered on white background

The benefits of outsourcing certain tasks to a virtual assistant are numerous. If we only had to remember 3, it would be:

  • Saving time for the contractor or his teams
  • Increasing productivity by being able to focus only on value-added tasks
  • The control of expenses by saving on all the expenses related to the employment of a part-time or full time for the realization of these missions and thus being able to invest in sectors more important for the society.

Why choose Viaprestige Outsourcing as a partner?

Viaprestige Outsourcing is an offshore services company based in Morocco. All the personal assistants she makes available to her clients have followed a French training and have the same skills as in France. On the other hand, they are subject to Moroccan legislation concerning labor law: a longer working week, a lower minimum wage and fewer paid holidays. Moreover, Viaprestige does not charge its clients the days of holidays and guarantees the replacement of your interlocutor by a person of the same level. Finally, the time difference is one or two hours with France, which allows a collaboration at usual hours of work without any difficulty.