Expected for a long time, the sequel to Red Dead Redemption , released in 2010, landed a few weeks ago on Xbox One and PS4 in a thunderous way. We expect no less from the new game of Rockstar Games, whose GTA V effectively continues a road started in 2013 on the previous generation of consoles.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the story of the clan of Dutch Van Der Linde, a band of thugs from the west who feels its inevitable decline after a smoky blow that put the group on the run. The story is played through the eyes of Arthur Morgan, Dutch’s right-hand man, who sees in him growing the conflict between his loyalty to the man who raised him as a son, and his own ideals. may be more those of the band … obviously, as the clan also has within it a certain John Marston, protagonist of the first Red Dead Redemption(which, chronologically, happens after this second part), those who played in the first part already know a little history. But for those who will start with this second album, it is absolutely not a concern, on the contrary: the surprise is only greater.


After some ultra-guided missions, which serve as an introduction to the huge game (the average life is estimated at 65 hours), we are propelled through a huge map, where many activities are proposed. Quickly, we find ourselves with a constant choice of quests that appear here and there on the map, but we can also choose to opt for less prominent activities, such as mini-games (dominoes, poker, games knife, etc.), hunting for animals to feed or recover skins for crafter new clothes, hunting for the premium, debt recovery … in short, a multitude of activities are blooming as and when on the gigantic game map, giving the impression that there is always something to do in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. And that’s the reality!

However, to access all this, it is imperative to advance in the story, because some activities are related to the different characters that we can meet. Although it is possible to hunt in an infinite way, other activities tend to dry up until they are “replenished” by history. This includes debt collection, burglaries and other premium hunts, which are among the most entertaining activities, but are not always available.

Despite its huge map, RDR2 tends to cultivate a relative freedom at certain times. And that’s without counting on totally empty areas, that we just cross to go from one point to another, without really stopping there. If the sets are absolutely sublime, they often remain empty. Certainly, we imagine that the Wild West of 1899 was not populated from all sides, but all the same, it sometimes seems to gallop in the wind.

Frustrating game mechanics

Frustrating, RDR2 is not only in its lands as green as deserted. It is also, in many ways, through complex gameplay and, let’s face it, a bit rusty. The menus are scattered in all directions, between the different inventories (that of Arthur, that of the horse, that of the bag of Arthur, etc.), the manipulations not at all intuitive to save (do NEVER trust the automatic backup, at the risk of losing valuable progress), shop purchases that are made by catalog or directly on the stalls stores … certainly, Red Dead 2cultivates a certain realism to favor immersion. But this comes to question the need for a game to be realistic to a degree where it becomes more disturbing than anything else for the player. To have to pick up objects one by one in each camp, having to manually loot each body after a gunfight (when the game gives us the time, which counts among the most frustrating points of the confrontations), must obligatorily advance with a millimetric caution in cities, because the NPCs are likely to come crashing into our horse and lead a manhunt, all this is sometimes a bit tiring.